»I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass! 

And I’m out of bubble gum!«


Client: Viertelvor Magazin
Category: Poster Design

Art Direction and Design: Bernd Pegritz, Jono Garrett, Stefan Hübsch, Daniela Spinelli

Poster series inspired by the film from 1988, John Carpenters »They Live«, published in the #18 edition of the »Viertelvor« magazine on the topic consume. Put the glasses on and you’ll see the real messages on the billboards.
»Obey«, »Buy, sleep, die«, »Consume, conform, submit«,  »Do not question authority«, »No independent thought«, …

The screen prints are hand-pulled on high quality paper in gold, white and black. Limited edition of 13 each, 40 × 60 cm, 35 EUR each